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Even blown straight, the unique texture of curly hair shows more lift than straight or wavy types.

Caruso Professional Roller Pack

The secret to Caruso Steam Hairsetters is in the roller. Available in 5 sizes for maximum styling versatility. 6-rollers pack each size.

Caruso Professional Roller Pack

List Price: $ 9.99

The unique shield lock holds rollers tightly and end caps have slots to hold clips when needed. The Molecular roller foam holds steam to give you the most curling power.

Available in 5 roller sizes for maximum styling versatility:

Petite: For tightest curl, extremely short or baby fine hair.
Small: For tight curl, short hair and spiral curls.
Medium: For medium curls, medium to short hair or medium to fine hair.
Large: For looser curl, volume and body. (May be referred to as "Jumbo Large" in packaging.)
Jumbo: For largest curls and waves, long or thick hair.

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Rating: 5.00 out of 5 post by Brenda Steere from 7 Hedrock Lane Edinburg, Va. 22824 at December 11, 2008
This is a super curly setter, that holds for days. I have an old Happy 3 Way Traveler Unit and the curlers are falling apart, broken pieces of foam. Do you have any rollers with the hole down the middle to fit my old Caruso Unit?? I would like to order 2 sets of rollers.

Brenda Steere

Curly Hair Style